For the past several years, my work has employed the images of horses and dogs, which I enjoy the challenge of observing and rendering. But the ideas behind the images, the compositions and the various series that have resulted, have been contemplations and narratives about life, challenges, lessons, goals, setbacks and achievements.

With the BEGIN AGAIN SERIES, and the interactions I’ve had with people as they view the work, I’ve found that we always seem to be in the process of beginning again. There are stages within stages, starts and stops. In circumstances good and bad, invited or not, beginning again involves initiative.

The drawing for me, is an explorative part of my work, just as it is the foundation to the painting. The first drawings are the history that the composition goes through. They are traces and memories of the process.

1400-3009a_smallLike the process of life, the faint remains of what has gone before are contributive, and are found in these remnants, that the paper or canvas will not give up. I love the vitality of the line, washed over transparencies and the stained or bare canvas. Numbers and words, have their own connotations for each of us, but are in essence, the same as the drawings and lines, for what they contribute. They convey thoughts and the passage of time.

The viewer has the liberty to draw their own conclusions.